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Monday, November 19, 2007

“If it’s a girl they’re calling her Sigourney, after an actress. If it's a boy, they're calling him Rodney".

I was searching through some old e-mails today and came across an exchange I had with a work colleague of my Dad’s.

Not long after Joseph was born, Dave (for ‘tis his name) and his wife Eve sent over a present. It turned out to be the most enormous pair of jeans with the note, “every bloke needs a pair of jeans to grow into”, attached.

This I found hilarious, thanked them both for their gift and put the jeans away until Joseph had grown.

I seem to remember that it was nearly 2 years to the day that we put Joseph in his new denim and I e-mailed Dave to inform him of this momentous occasion.

He wrote back some very lovely words and re-reading them today made me a bit choked. I’ve put them below for you to see for yourself.

“That’s great news.

I remember watching our kids grow and remember vividly some of their outfits, and somehow it marks stages in their (and your) lives.

As an 'old man' it is amazing how much pleasure it gives to watch children of friends growing up and having their families.

Working with your Dad over the years (often just the pair of in an office together) I have experienced almost first hand, yours and Paul's lives.

I know how proud your Mum and Dad are of you. Please give Joseph a hug from us and we both wish you all a happy and healthy life together.

Regards – Dave”


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