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Friday, November 09, 2007

Thank you and good night.

Oh well, another year, another heating problem. Why do boilers always wait until the weather has turned freezing cold before packing up?

Yes, I know they’ve sat all year without “firing up” the heating but to wait until the coldest night of the year so far is …… annoying.

To say the least.

But that’s not what I want to tell you.

As you know, Annabel is chuffed to bits with her new bed. Loves the fact that she has a “big girl’s” bed, that she can climb in (and out of it) by herself. That she has such pretty bedclothes, not to mention her new pyjamas - “I not need a (sleeping) bag Daddy” – and so on.

It was climbing into bed last night that caused an upset.

Well, more the fact that she was carrying something really.

She has been wearing this pair of children’s bright yellow plastic glasses without any lenses in, more or less all the time, reminding me of that newsreader, what’s his name? Unfortunately, one of the stems keeps coming off but she seems to prefer this, carrying it around like an entirely separate entity.

Anyway, she was climbing into bed last night and she fell forward, as she does, onto her pillow. Unfortunately, she fell onto the broken stem and the sharp end pierced her skin about half an inch below her right eye!!!!

She looked round at me, I saw the blood immediately dripping from the cut and she let out a wail.

Now I know I always make a point of saying this is a family friendly blog so how can I put it?

She (or rather we), were bloody lucky!

Just like that, the seemingly innocent act of climbing into bed and she ends up narrowly avoiding a serious injury.

My parents still enjoy telling me that this never changes, that you never stop worrying about your children

That’s good.


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