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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Oh Missy you’re so fine you blow my mind oh Missy

M has committed herself to working every Friday for the immediate future. This is a day she normally spends with Annabel and so Missy now finds herself at a different nursery at M’s workplace on Fridays.

And, as usual, we worried about how she would be, how could we juggle childcare so that she wouldn’t need to go to this nursery, would she be upset at the new surroundings, new faces, new children and so on.

It turns out we wasted our time worrying. Again.

She loved it and spent much of the weekend asking after her new associates and when she would see them again. M was so impressed with the place she was actually a bit depressed at the care and facilities at her regular nursery, not that we’re likely to move Annabel out of there after all this time.

It’s a good lesson though; there’s nothing I hate more than “settling” for something when there’s better out there. (Actually, I hate being spoken to rudely more than that but that’s a whole other story!)

One of Annabel’s favourite things at the moment is sitting down and reading to herself, but out loud – if you see what I mean?

Children’s minds are amazing; they’re able to memorise entire stories and can more or less repeat back the whole story, in order, for their own amusement.

This is very helpful, as I appear to be at the stage in life where I forget which day it is.

“Annabel? Joseph? What is it Daddy was supposed to do today?”

“Drop us off at school and then go to work Dad”.

“oh yeah, that’s right, thank you both very much”.


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