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Saturday, November 03, 2007

“I gon’ see firewurks”…..

… is what Annabel has been saying all week long. She has been immensely proud of this fact and has mentioned it to anyone who would listen or who has stood still long enough for her to corner.

Somehwere in her young memory banks she must’ve logged the fact that she cried all the way through the display last year but she had obviously psyched herself up for 2007.

Our local borough had very stingily cancelled all free firework events and so we tip-toed across into Lambeth to take advantage of Streatham Common’s free display.

Annabel was excited, Joseph was excited, we were excited and suddenly the countdown began, Annabel squealing with delight.

A countdown from 10 got everyone ready but approximately 0.8 of a second after the first bang, Annabel jumped, turned her face into my shoulder and screamed the only way she knows how.


So loudly in fact that people on the other side of the common half a mile away, ducked, looking around in confusion as to where the ripple in the space time contiuum had occurred.

They needn’t have worried of course because thankfully, my left eardrum had taken most of the energy from my daughter’s yell.

Terrific display otherwise, all taken care of by the current world pyrotechnic champions – apparently.

Home late and both children straight to bed.

Ooh, talking of bed, Missy has made the jump from cot to bed with effortless ease. We were predicting trouble with her ditching the sleeping bags for pyjamas combined with a low bed that she can easily get out of but she doesn’t seem to have made this connection; yet.

Well done (as always) to M for choosing a very sweet little bed and beautiful bed clothes.

I admit the space looks a little dark and sparse but the difference in size between a cot and her new bed is enormous.

We’ll brighten up her walls, don’t you worry.


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