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Monday, October 22, 2007

See me after class

Time for our annual meeting with teachers and staff alike to discuss how Joseph and Annabel have been getting on in their respective educational institutions.

Annabel’s key worker pointed out how “helpful” she was when getting the other children to behave.

“By helpful, do you mean, bossy?” I asked, reading between the lines.

“Erm, yes”, came the response. “But bossy in a nice way” she quickly added.

This report hasn’t actually changed from last years report so nothing was too out of the blue, other than she has lots of friends and is very clever – all things we already knew!

Then to Joseph’s school to discuss how he has settled in to reception class and although M and I think he is a nice, polite boy, you cannot beat being told it by an adult that isn’t related to you!!

“He’s very polite boy, very sociable. Everybody likes him” said his teacher in her lovely, slightly aging Scottish accent. “It’s obvious he loves reading and he is doing brilliantly with his writing.

This bit of news shouldn’t bring a lump to your throat should it? But it did – for both of us.

Way to go kids; keep it up!


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