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Friday, October 12, 2007

Its good to talk


Not if you are a Talk Talk customer though, as our internet has been “down” for most of this week, hence my rather erratic posting’s here.

Onward and upward however and the news of the day is of course that it is the 12th of October.

“So what”, I hear you cry.

Well, 7 years ago today, M walked down the aisle looking even more beautiful than usual after agreeing to ditch her maiden name and adopt my surname as her own.

Happy anniversary M – love you muchos

In other news, I got a bit of a shock yesterday when I went to collect Joseph from school. I waved to him as I saw him in the queue of children waiting to be collected and he saw my face drop when I saw the big scabs on his upper and lower lips.

“I fell over” he whispered, looking at my face to gauge my reaction, relieved (I think) that I wasn’t upset/mad/annoyed/all of the above.

A quick plan to go to the ‘rec’ on his scooter brought the smile back to his (sore) face.

And now, the weather. I appreciate that discussing the weather is not the most riveting subject but I must mention it.

Yesterday, leaving the house was like walking into the Stars In Their Eye’s smoking doors, so heavy was the fog. “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be …… Jack Frost”. Thick fog on the drive in to work, drizzling rain all the way, cracking sunshine all day and ends with a beautiful sunset, the sky a wonderful mix of fluffy clouds tinged with red.


Anniversario felice mi amore


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