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Friday, November 02, 2007

The return of Michael Myers

Well this year was Missy’s first trick or treat. Joseph of course, is an old hand at it now, so they both get dressed up in their spooky outfits ready for an evening's spooking.

Just one problem however; Annabel’s “scary witch” costume was anything but – she looked an absolute peach with her pointy hat tipped slightly too far back on her head to be menacing and her silky “rag” dress flowing too delicately to cause alarm.

She really did look like a little Princess ("leave it Grant”) and Joseph was a glow-in-the-dark skeleton.

Even the weather was kind; a very mild evening with clear skies allowing everyone involved to be out wearing only their costumes.

I love the area in which we live. Obviously, being in the catchment area for several schools, there are bound to be plenty of children and this is never more apparent than on an evening like Hallowe’en. 7pm on a dark autumn evening and our street is normally deserted but it looked like there was a football match on nearby.

Laughter, excited squealing, packs of scary looking “creatures of the night” lurking at every turn – it was good fun.

I was reading that Hallowe’en goes against everything we teach our children. Don’t accept sweets or treats from strangers; don’t demand anything from old ladies at their door and so on which is of course, all true.

Looking at Annabel and Joseph’s faces though, there’s nay chance of not doing this each year.

I think the only wobble was when Annabel initially encountered some of the scarier masks out on her street. The mask from the film Scream was a particular favourite but not with her. She has this sweet reaction of putting the back of her hand up to her mouth when she’s scared and she did this regularly.

Back home and the part of the evening which I think they enjoyed more – opening our own door to trick or treaters, from the one’s who had worked hard on their costumes to those who were just in it for the sweets.

I think next year we’ll hand out toothbrushes. Just to see the looks on their faces!


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