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Friday, September 21, 2007

Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.

It’s unbelievable really that someone so young could be so incredibly stubborn.

I have mentioned before that Annabel is like me in many ways (the poor lamb) and that she has mastered in 2 years what it has taken me nearly 4 decades.

(Blimey, is it really that long??)

As she likes to drag out the “going to bed” process as much as possible, it is usually left to me to go into her room – fingers wedged firmly in my ears – and say, “that’s enough now; go to sleep” to which she immediately replies, “mummy”, knowing full well that she can have M running in and out of her room indefinitely.

“No, go to sleep”

“Mummy”, slightly quieter than before, letting me know she wants the last word.

“Enough please”.

“Mummy”, quieter still.


“Mummy”, almost whispered.

I leave the room and almost before my trailing foot crosses the threshold to her room, does she burst into victorious song, singing (as she does) to her “babies” (dollies) at the top of her voice.

“I’ve won” she might as well be saying. “Don’t take me on ‘cos you’ll lose, tra la la la la”.

I smile as I walk along the landing, seeing M trying not to laugh out loud, having heard our familiar exchange and knowing what the outcome would be.

Annabel; one.

Dad; Nil.




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