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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Squashed tomatoes and stew

Yes, yes, I know, another year another grey hair, thank you very much. In the realm of the thirty-somethings, another year falling by the wayside really ain’t that big a deal, trust me.

Having said that, thirty-something will soon become forty-something and I’m pretty sure I’ll sit up and take notice then!!

But, as far as birthdays go, today’s one started out lovely.

My smashing son climbed into bed and sang the “you look like a monkey” version of Happy Birthday to me; my beautiful wife gave me a kiss and my wonderful daughter, erm … slept. Not to mention the beautiful day outside!

Cards and pressies will be opened this evening under the watchful eye of Joseph who has expressed a desire to do all the unwrapping, so I will report back tomorrow with descriptions and pictures of any “loot” I may be lucky enough to have received.


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