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Saturday, March 03, 2007


I searched my vocabulary banks for a single word that best sums up today and that was it; glorious.

I haven’t used this word since being in the New Forest with our chums The Wilton’s a couple of years back. The difference between then and now was about 10 degrees, but today was still absolutely lovely, albeit rather “fresh”.

Anyway, today was a “let’s go somewhere new” day and the lucky destination was the absolutely beautiful Crystal Palace Park, on the SE/SW border of London to see the dinosaurs. I usually only stick to one picture per post but I genuinely found it too difficult to choose between them today so just for once, it’s a positive jpeg fest!

Got to the park mid-morning, parked, walked in the wrong direction for the dinosaurs but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we may not have bothered with the rest of the park once the dark clouds rolled in later in the afternoon but we all enjoyed the slow amble through the flowers, past some lakes and into the swing park.

A short while in the swing park, on to the canteen where we stopped for lunch (approx 2 hours after arrival!), then out again in search of dinosaurs. I should point out that before we left the house, we were all watching Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs on Milkshake (a children’s programme on channel Five) so our expectations were running high, Joseph’s especially.

We weren’t disappointed.

Well, Joseph was perhaps a little miffed that the dinosaurs we had come all that way to see didn’t actually move about or roar at each other, leading me to believe that I may very well have oversold the entire trip. Possibly.

Hmm …

Anyway, clever old Dad (me) had actually remembered to take along something to help the day go with a swing; namely, his superb pair of binoculars, which helped us all to have a look at the birds, the entire length of the amazing dinosaur lake (not to mention the beautiful houses which sat smack bang opposite the park), and the dinosaurs themselves.

By this point, Annabel had conked out still clutching the lolly stick she refused to give up after her lunch. Joseph was enjoying climbing the steep banks of mud and wood chippings, and M was warning that we should get a move on due to the ever-increasing presence of dark rain clouds gathering above us.

On the way back to the car, the inevitable happened and down came the rain. The sun however, refused to be beaten and between the two of them, they produced one of the most vivid, most colourful rainbows any of us had seen in quite some time.


Poops fell asleep almost as soon as we drove off. Simultaneously, Missy woke up, and we got home for around 4.30pm.

Put another tick box in the “Done good” column love – that was a belter!


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