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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sank you

Missy’s vocabulary is increasing rapidly now. Not always pronounced entirely correctly but we all get the gist of what she is trying to say at least.

A selection of her latest words are as follows (with translations as necessary);

Queen = Lightning McQueen, Joseph’s favourite character from Cars.

Sooz = shoes

Sop = stop

Mook = milk

Pen-gin = her (2nd) favourite cuddly toy Penguin

Poo-poo coming = this is fairly self explanatory

Sank ou = thank you

Water, baby, no and yes are all words she says perfectly well.

Last year I posted an entry that foresaw Annabel as being bossy (read it here). Now, I’ve never thought of myself as overly perceptive but boy, was I right on this one!

She has also perfected “The Frown”. I have to admit to being the culprit here and she has undoubtedly learnt this from me.

(Hey, we of limited vocabulary need all the visual aids at our disposal).

The upsetting thing is, it’s taken me 30-something years to perfect and she’s nailed it in less than two!

I always knew I would end up outsmarted by my children but I kinda hoped it would take a while longer.

Like about 25 years longer.



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