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Monday, February 26, 2007

Half term continued ....

Last Thursday was indeed a stay at home day due to the lousy weather. On Friday however, Joseph, Annabel, M and my Mum went to Chessington Zoo which was, and I quote, “absolutely brilliant”. Costing a measly £5 admission, this could be the bargain of the week.

Oh no, hang on, that award goes to the Ikea breakfast I had on Saturday. Scrambled eggs (admittedly rather grey), half a tomato (admittedly rather cold and raw), rasher of bacon, hash brown and a sausage for 95 pence.

I repeat, 95 pence!

Now THAT is the bargain of the week.

3 hours in Ikea; some stuff we needed, some stuff we didn’t but got anyway and amazingly the children enjoyed it.

Damn clever shop. There’s one display saying, “This apartment is only 35 square metres”, and you know what? You’d want to live in it; it's beautiful. Not to mention the automated ice cream machine at the exit, with strawberry sauce! Not to mention the carrier bags made out of corn and therefore bio-degradable and compostable!

Sunday, Joseph had a party to go to and it was at a soft play centre which he loves. Basically it’s an adventure playground with padded mats and walls, helter skelters, bumpy slides and swings.

The only thing stopping me having a go was the signs up everywhere exclaiming, “No adults allowed on the equipment”.

Isn’t that discrimination?


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