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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Life O’ Riley

Joseph has been on half term this week and it has been a busy one. His break (so far) looks like this.


Over to my parents because he wanted to watch his favourite film with his Grandad.


Up to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year and lunch in a Japanese restaurant.


London Aquarium. Apparently he really enjoyed this, especially stroking a Thornback Ray in a pool. Being told how much he enjoyed this was almost outweighed by the cost of admission to the place.

£22 for 1 adult and 1 child, not to mention the cost of public transport!

Bloody outrageous.

“How to rip off tourists” by Greater London and Ken Livingstone.

I digress. Actually, Joseph made me a smashing badge that he’d coloured in (although this did cost an extra 50p if you don’t mind!)


The cinema to see Arthur and the Invisibles with popcorn and drink.


M bought theatre tickets for Annabel, Joseph and myself to see Flat Stanley and it was terrific. It lasted for 70 minutes and the entire audience sat through the whole thing. Not bad at all considering the average age was 2½ years.

Well, that brings us up to today and it is possible that today will be a “stay close to home” day what with the weather being awful.

We’ll see.


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