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Friday, February 09, 2007

Let’s see what you could have won!

Well, as I had hoped, I manage to keep my early onset of old age at bay just long enough to have a snowball fight with Joseph yesterday afternoon; our first if my (failing) memory serves me well.

It was terrific.

I guess from a four year olds point of view, after being told “don’t do this, don’t throw that” day in day out, it must have been very refreshing to hear his Dad saying, “let’s try and hit that car”, with the biggest armful of snow he could manage.

There really are very few noises that beat the sound of your children’s laughter.

Similarly, getting a direct hit on a far off tree or lamppost takes some beating too!

We kept on throwing snowballs until we had cleared every windscreen in ours and the surrounding streets. We threw until our gloves were too full of water to carry on. I expected Poops to be upset but I think he’d had enough.

This morning? All the snow has gone. Either thawed or turned to ice.

Oh well.

I guess the next time we see snow, Annabel will be old enough to get out there and whip both our butts in a snowball fight.

And then introduce them both to some real winter sports!!

Can’t wait!


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