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Thursday, February 15, 2007

He shoots, he scores!

Normally when collecting Joseph from school, I rush home from work on my bike, change, jump in car, drive to school, find a parking meter, find change, get ticket, run to school and arrive a sweaty, gasping mess.

Not so yesterday.

Nope, I was collecting him early so I arrived nice and relaxed and managed to observe him at play without him seeing me.

And I’m really glad I did.

With the slight lack of detail you get when asking him about his day, you have to fill in the gaps to a greater or lesser extent. Thankfully, you get the general idea that he is having a nice time and your subconscious says, “you see? Nothing to worry about – he’s fine!”

So it was lovely to see him playing football with some of his friends and chatting happily to one of the members of staff.

He dribbled the football around this member of staff and stopped at her feet, picking up the ball, looking up at her while smiling, and discussing something I couldn’t quite hear.

I stood there, with a dawning realisation that told me, “you know what, he really is happy here!”

“Look at his face. He’s with his friends, he’s chatting with an adult quite happily, playing football, not a care in the world”.

What a great way to be!

Anyway, he cottoned on to the fact that I was there and came running over.

Referring to the staff member he told me, “I attacked her”.

“You did what?”

“I attacked her. With the football. I ran past her with the football”.

“No Poops , you tackled her”, I said laughing.

“Yeah, I tackled her. Where’s my snack?”

Ah well, back to normality once more.


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