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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Time creeps on.

I moved the blind this morning to double check that the weather forecasters had got it right.

Yep. There it was.

A thick, white blanket covering the entire street. Every car, the top of every lampost, every branch of every tree and garden bush was adorned with its own helping of crisp, white snow.


We could hear Joseph talking so we went into his room, pulled his quilt back to find his feet on the pillow – he was upside down – and stood him in front of his window before lifting his blind.

His eyes widened as he took in the view of the garden and the adjoining street, everything painted a ghostly orange-white hue in the streetlights.

“Wow”, he said, choosing the exact word I’d uttered moments before.

The first time Annabel saw snow, she burst into tears but this time, her reaction was much the same as her brothers this time around.

When we went out to the car, all the local children on their way to school and were having fun throwing snow at each other, some were making a snowman.

Sorry, make that snowperson!!

The sad thing is, I thought twice before making a snowball to throw because, “I might get cold hands”.

What the hell has happened? I’ve gotten old without realising it; age has snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking.

Lousy old age!

Anyway, the drive past the edge of the woods which border the common was a very pretty one. It really was like something out of a film. Every branch, no matter how thin, was lined with snow, sitting atop in a perfect vertical.

Looking out of my window at work, the rain is turning much of the snow to slush.

I really hope there’s a little bit left for a mini-snowball fight when I collect Joseph from school.

Getting old or not, I’ll be out there until my hands can’t form another snowball.

We’ll see.


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