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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Indian summer ahead

I can already see the forecast for the year ahead: drought, sweltering and hosepipe bans. At the risk of sounding terribly English, isn’t the weather absolutely wonderful?

If it holds, out into the garden we will go this weekend and my annual battle of the overgrown lawn will commence in earnest. A fight I invariably end up losing and am forced to adjust the height of the mower.

You see? You see the things I have to contend with? Honestly, it’s a constant worry.

Wednesday evening saw M carrying plants from the front garden through the house to the back garden and vice versa until she was happy that the front more closely reflected the early onset of spring and I think she did a great job.

Tomorrow is a huge day. We should receive a letter telling us whether or not Joseph has been successful in getting into reception class of the school where he already attends.

Isn’t that madness?

Apparently M spoke with another mum at the school today who was told her son (who shares a class with Joseph) was NOT offered a place and will have to take up the offer of an alternative school nearby; naturally the mother was very upset.

Obviously Joseph is totally unaware of all this – he had fun dressed as Peter Pan today along with the rest of the school, teachers included.

We are going out this evening with friends so I may have to partake in a wee dram just to get the nervous twitch off my face.

Wish us luck – will report back over the weekend.


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