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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Sound of Laughter

I have only ever met a handful of people who grew up without a sibling. Joseph’s Godfather, my Mum ………. um ….. ok then, two people.

Anyway, they are unanimous in their view that it was “very lonely” growing up. Joseph’s Godfather even said he would either have two children or none at all which I think shows how strongly he felt (feels) on the subject. (He now has two lovely girls by the way).

As I was one of two boys, there were times when I didn’t think that being an only child would've been too bad a thing (I'm sure my "little" brother would agree). Watching Annabel and Joseph last night, I was reminded how special it is to have a sibling and how naïve it was to think the way I did.

Last night, they were both running up and down the landing from one end to the other, back and forth relentlessly, laughing uncontrollably as Joseph ran behind Annabel, catching her and both falling over.

This went on for about 15 minutes and only came to a stop so we could bathe them and get ready for bed.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; you don’t need expensive toys or big trips planned for your children for them to have fun. They amused themselves perfectly as I have mentioned with nothing other than each others company.

I’m sure there’ll come a time when they’re not always as happy to be together; I’m thinking early teens etc, but for now, it’s terrific to watch and be a part of.

I’m happy that we have a boy and a girl. I’m happy that we had them when we did, as in, that there is a 2 and a half year gap between them; it seems to work well.

Watching them play last night, I realised how lonely it would have been for Joseph if he didn’t have Annabel (and vice versa). Sure, we would’ve played together the way we always did, but I’m not sure it would’ve been as special as the bond that it is forming between the two of them now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post bruv. the only time i thought being solitaire might work out to my advantage was when i was saling 15 foot through the air off of a lorry in selworthy road. apart from that, you were the guvnor!

1:18 pm


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