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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blah blah blah.......

Missy isn't speaking yet but when she does, oh boy are we in for it!

She is attempting to speak at the moment - in her world of course, she's making perfect sense and we're the ignorant ones for not understanding what the hell she's on about, hence the slightly puzzled look on her face when we don't do exactly what she has obviously just instructed us all to do.

"Geesh, eez oof ey sheer" she shouts, offering out a soggy rusk towards us.

"Thank you darling" I reply, hoping I've understood. As I bend forward to take a pretend nibble however, I realise that wasn't what she had in mind.

She shakes her head - actually, it's more of an upper body shuffle than a mere shake of the head. She repeats, "geesh (pause) Eez oof (another pause and a point towards the garden) Ey sheer?"

I look to where she is pointing but alas, my 'out of sync' brain just won't grasp it. I kiss her on the forehead anyway and get her a drink of water.

As M has pointed out, this must be very frustrating for any child or baby. It's clear that she is trying to communicate with us, she obviously wants something done or to be taken somewhere but we just can't get it!

Sorry Missy - just a few more weeks and I'm sure this frustrating phase will be over.

And like I said, THEN we'll know all about it!!!

Heaven help us!!


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