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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ma fille l'artiste

While Joseph enjoyed many hours at nursery and in reception class drawing various pictures, he rarely chose to do the same when at home. He would rather play 'with' something than create or draw something.

Annabel on the other hand, loves drawing. Perhaps I shouldn't say this but it is actually a little heart breaking to see her so engrossed in her own company, happily sat on her bedroom floor, pens scattered all around her, creating a multitude of colourful pictures.

And what an artist she is!

It's amazing though, seeing how much her pictures change in such a short space of time. Just a couple of months in fact.

From weird and wonderful grinning freaks .....

.. to a bed full of people with far more human faces than before (not sure who the 5th person is!) .....

.. to an apple.

But take a moment, if you will, to observe the shape of the fruit, the shading, the cross hatching, not to mention the highly accurate stalk.

Honestly, I don't know where that girl gets her talent from!!

No, seriously, I dunno where it comes from??!?


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