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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picture snob!

I know, I know, I've already posted a picture of my fave sculpture in London but as I already said to you, my pictures were rushed.

It was just M and I who ambled along the King's Road last Friday but tonight it was the four of us. We parked in almost exactly the same place, strolled across the bridge, popped into the same shops but ate in a different restaurant.

I thought Joseph had been rather naughty up until this point but as is often the case, his behaviour is usually linked directly to his hunger levels and he was complaining incessantly about being "starving".

We went to Stockpot - an old favourite of ours before our children arrived - and Joseph wolfed down a plate of whitebait, some hoummus, some pitta bread, followed by the biggest piece of fish I have seen in a while, a chocolate milkshake and a large glass of water before wiping the back of his hand across his mouth and announcing that he would like dessert!

He had a ice cream cone in case you're wondering.

Having said that, Annabel also polished off the majority of her spaghetti bolognese, also followed by ice cream.

It has helped that they have been at a street dance club this week because they have been taking a packed lunch and they have realised that they are not full after this type of lunch.

I know what you're thinking - they obviously don't have enough to eat in the day - well, you'd be wrong. A typical lunch bag consists of a ham roll or sandwich, a bag of (baked) crisps, a cheese stick or dipper, a gingerbread man or muffin, a yoghurt drink, a bottle of water and a piece of fruit. On top of this, their teacher provides them with extra fruit but they still emerge hungry.

I said that this was helpful because friend's of theirs have switched to packed lunch and they too want to do the same; until now!! They are happy with school meals because they aren't hungry after school.


Oh yeah, I prefer this picture. You would be lucky to get a shot of this sculpture without any traffic in the background but this one works better. I also got to explain to Joseph about the "troops breaking step" sign on the bridge (see previous post), which was nice.


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