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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Famous statue No.2

Well, last night was one of those rare evenings when M and I had some time to ourselves. The children had gone to my parents for a 'sleepover' and so I picked M up from work with a view to mooching and eating.

After brief deliberation, we agreed on the King's Road, not because we are trendy or 'owt (far from it), but because it was our regular stomping ground when we lived behind Battersea Park.

And so we parked on the southside of Albert Bridge (my favourite London bridge), and walked across before being confronted by what is possibly my favourite London sculpture. Actually, the bridge and the sculpture are my favourite London landmarks for the same reason.

Whenever we headed off on holiday, my Dad would drive this route to the airport; around Battersea Park, across Albert Bridge (where I would never tire of reading the sign that "All troops must break step when crossing this bridge"), turn left at the lights, just allowing time to glance up at the Boy on a Dolphin.

Now, I'm no art aficionado so I can't tell you what was going on in David Wynne's head when he made it but I can tell you that it is very beautiful. I can also tell you that it is cleverly balanced on just the dolphin's tail with the Boy holding on to the dorsal fin.

Anyway, my rushed pictures do no justice whatsoever to this lovely sculpture so head across the loveliest bridge in the capital and sit and admire it yourselves for a little while.


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