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Monday, August 10, 2009

Lazy, good for nothing twerp!

Yep, that's me! I re-read what I'd written yesterday.

Is that the best I could do?

Is that all I got?

Dang, is there no bottom to the depths of laziness I will happpily plumb to in order to not sit and inform you, oh faithful reader, of the general goings on in my pitiful life??? I could blame it on the 6 hour drive home but that wouldn't work.

Would it?

I hang my head in shame .....

Ok, now for a proper post.

Devon is "rocking" (apart from the food - that bit was accurate!). The weather was fan-dabby-dozy, the beaches were enormous and sandy, the waves were "out there dude" and our chalet was just about right.

Ok, there were a lot of young guys 'n' gals who had clearly spent an inordinate amount of time perfecting their beach bum look (I don't care how naff I sound, wearing O'Neill clothing from your hat, down through your wetsuit to your flip flops does not look as cool as you think it does!! Oh no it doesn't!!).

I haven't seen such amazing waves since Chiclana beach in Spain a lon-n-ng time ago. I forgot how much fun it was to be thrown towards the beach by a powerful wave and then, before you've managed to surface long enough for a proper breath, be dragged back out and down whether you like it or not.

We visited Arlington Court, courtesy of the National Trust and the children got to dress up in Victorian costumes, play Victorian games and try writing using old quills and nibs (see Annabel in previous post pics).

The more we holiday in the UK, the more I realise not only how steeped in history it is but also how incredibly beautiful it is. Being a Londoner, it is easy to forget about huge, patchwork countryside, sprawling for mile after mile after mile.

I am not a fan of modern architecture by any stretch of the imagination but I fell in love with Baggy House which is situated on the coastal path heading out to Baggy Point (surprisingly enough). It looks like a modern extension on the front of an old cottage/farmhouse and it is BEE-YOO-TI-FUL! There ain't a lot on Google Images so you may have to click on my picture of it (last post), although I admit to taking loads of shots of it. Joseph and I went up to the main gate for a closer look just as the owner decided to walk down the driveway.


She was very understanding I must say; we had all but climbed over her gate in a bid to get "the" shot of her house.

We drank some wine (did I say "we", I meant "me"; M no drinky), I drank some local ale (Exmoor brewery, the Beast at 6.6% - goodnight sweetheart) and we watched a lot of films. With the children we watched Madagascar 2 (very funny), Ice Age 1 & 2 (not bad) and High School Musical (clench cheeks now).

M and I also watched two superb films which arrived with the post-woman (post-person?), barely 10 minutes before we set off from home on the Saturday previous (sweeet!). These were Etz Limon (Lemontree), a terrific film highlighting the politics and hopelessness of the Palestinian/Israeli problem (here he goes again - what can I say, it's an interest of mine) and Waltz with Bashir, an animated film which was Oscar nominated, BAFTA nominated and winner of a Golden Globe.

Watch them both - they are riveting.

There; that's more like it!


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