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Saturday, August 29, 2009

"When I count my blessings - I count her twice"

"ZZZZzzzz ..."



"Whassat, what the ... what happened, did I nod off?"

Sorry 'bout that, it's been a très busy week and I'm not entirely sure where to start. I tell you what, I''ll let my ever present camera help me out.

Things that have happened this week are as follows;

We had a BBQ (ahem, I cooked the food to perfection)

Knowing that their mother is highly allergic to egg, it is difficult to get the children to try them. They know they don't like boiled eggs, they know they don't like fried eggs so I thought I would ask them if they would to try scrambled eggs.

They did and they enjoyed them!

I made damson jam courtesy of fruit collected from my parent's beautiful garden (although we came away with enough fruit for 20 jars of jam, life is too short; I made 5 in total (1 is out of shot)). It tasted great; sweet but with a hint of 'tartness'.

Lord Parker's book arrived courtesy of Amazon (finally).

We picked tomatoes from our rather splendid hanging baskets (they tasted great but the skin was a tad tough).

I bought some tequila to "try". (It was bloody great).


What was the other thing?

Oh dammit, what was that other thing that happpened?

Come on brain, work, work ......

Oh yeah, that was it, M's birthday, I knew there was something!! Not just any old birthday but her 40th birthday - note how I was happy to dive straight in with her age as oppoed to the faffing I introduced around mine earlier in the year - (that reminds me, the search function isn't working on my blog right now, you'll have to manually navigate yourself there if you can be bothered - 8th March).

We went to Whitstable which is situated on the Kent coast.

I had planned to have oysters (and lots of 'em) but my battered haddock, chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce 'done me in' and I could face no more food at all (I sit here writing at 10.30pm and am not in the slightest bit hungry).

It was a different day out from the norm' though and highly enjoyable. The children bought their Mum a beautiful bracelet and I bought her something else (*)

The children also made their own cards which were, quite simply, fan-flippin'-tastic. Well done them.

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife M'.

We love you very, very much!

(* = haven't actually bought it yet!!!)


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