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Monday, December 08, 2008

“Everybody screamed, when I kissed the teacher ….”

You know, strange things happen whenever we get together with our Wilton based chums at their home in.....…. um ….... Wilton.

I always go to bed on Saturday night feeling full of good cheer, smiling slightly stupidly and usually fall asleep without any trouble at all.

The weird bit is that more often than not, I wake up feeling fairly dreadful, with a thumping headache and a slightly wishy-washy stomach.

I have a feeling they don’t cook our evening meals properly which I try to rectify by drenching whatever it is that’s in my stomach with lashings of red wine but, for whatever reason, Sunday morning can be a bit of a write-off; it’s uncanny.

Oh well, maybe next time!

Irrespective of our friend’s dodgy cooking, we always jump at the opportunity to spend time at their home in picturesque Wiltshire, 15 minutes from Stonehenge. Once again, this time around we made the clever decision to drive down Friday evening thus awaking refreshed and ready for action first thing on Saturday morning.

Our weekend included the following (in varying amounts);

Guinness & port, home made soup, cooked breakfasts in baps, Christmas Tea, charity shop finds, village fair at community centre (where I very controversially did not win the hamper raffle – I’m sure she must’ve noted my telephone number down incorrectly), my first ever Gin Martini, a full Christmas dinner, red wine, port, lots of good music, a long but cold walk on a glorious Sunday morning followed by bubble & squeak, a trouble free drive home and all in bed by 10.30pm, bloody exhausted but pleased to have gotten out of the capital, albeit for one short weekend.

And you know what?

We didn’t have to do any washing up!!


Check out them apples!!!

Thanks guys - it was a lot of fun.

As always.

(For more pictures of our weekend, see here)


Blogger Fez Miester said...

nice appels! I would love the chance to go to work on a bike. Unfortionatly I work at home and it's unjustified. Exercise: Try and meet everyone standing next to you on the toob, - get to know them by asking how they are doing and generally talk about nothing ;ppb

6:20 pm


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