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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Growing up, I would always accompany my Dad to the barber's where there were two guys cutting hair all day, one with lots of curly hair and one very balding.

Jump forward 25 years and the barber's that I use has two guys cutting hair all day, one with lots of curly hair and one very balding.

Tell me, is having curly hair or no hair a pre-requisite to being a barber?

Anyhow, yesterday was Thursday which means Joseph has football training with his friends at school, so Missy accompanied me to get my hair cut. I know, I know, lucky her, I’m so selfless but as I always say, I am completely willing to make sacrifices for my children’s enjoyment!!

Yes alright, boring as it might have been, she was very well behaved and sat reading a National Geographic magazine that I found for her. Halfway through my ‘cut however, I heard her ask, “can I read this one Dadda?”, and I spin around to see her puzzled look at a copy of Nuts magazine atop a pile of other slightly dubious glossies.

After finding another more suitable read (not to mention smoothly side-stepping a multitude of awkward questions), the barber finishes my haircut. By this time the shop is filling up and I stand to let the guy 'brush me down'.

I walk over to Annabel and enquire what she thinks of my haircut. She looks up from her magazine (looking for all the world like a 50 year old), and she furrows her brow questioningly.

Allowing herself a comical pause she loudly asks, “is your hair falling out?”

Myself, the barber and the guy to her right let out a laugh, mine being only slightly forced!

"Heh heh ...... let's put your coat on so we can get out of here right now please"

See if I take her again!!

A rug.


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