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Sunday, November 23, 2008

".. and fresh horses for the men. Tonight we ride ..."

Another year, another Christmas fair approaches and with it, the need to replenish the school’s scantily clad shelves with festive offerings.

In other words, Mufti Day. Let the children wear their own clothes in exchange for some booze! M’s mother very kindly offered some alcohol from her ageing drinks cabinet but we had already purchased some.

And who could resist one of the bottles that M had chosen;

Golden Mac, “a blend of fine British wine and Scotch whisky.

How about that, grape AND grain in the same bottle – an automatic hangover!!

MMMmmm …. sounds delicious!!

Anyhow, while I was politely declining the free booze from my mother-in-law, I saw that a rather splendid looking bottle of Greek 7 star brandy sat among the offerings.

“You’re giving this away?” I asked, getting more than a little excited?

“Why not? I don’t drink it” she replied.

I valiantly said I would take that particular bottle off her hands and brought it home before she saw the sparkle in my eye that said it would not be leaving my drinks cupboard so easily. As my own brandy decanter just happened to be running extremely low (coupled with my impatience at getting my new addition to refill it), I thought it only fair to drain the remainder into a glass and enjoy it before topping the decanter again from scratch.

As the Metaxa had clearly been sat in its glass prison for so long, I thought it only fair to sample that too (all in the name of professionalism, I assure you).

Before I even tasted it though, I could tell summat was up; it stank. I don’t know what had happened to it, it shouldn’t have gone “off” but something was definitely amiss, backed up by the tiny sip I took of it.

It is just possible that I let out a small whimper as I poured the lot down the sink but, in its honour, I have immortalised its image so that you too may whimper along with me.



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