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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

“Consonant please Carol”

Well, today marks the official countdown to the end of my contract at my current job.

Admittedly, 16 days left to go isn’t exactly marking the official end, nor is it very romantic sounding – “16 days remaining” – but what is happening is that we have been provided with a rather tidy little sum of money in order to throw a little “end of the digital archiving project” party.

500 “tidy little sums” to be precise – no mean feat when all we normally hear at work is “can’t have this, can’t have that, it’s too expensive etc” and so on.

Anyway, we opted to go back to a cracking little Italian restaurant that we had frequented a couple of years back for our Christmas “do” due to it offering authentic Italian fare (I do love an authentic pizza), a not too shabby wine list and the staff are friendly and neither overly fussy nor rude.

The (incredibly lazy) project manager gave us the following morning off which was handy because the barman at the restaurant makes a mean frozen Margarita!

La Porchetta on Boswell St, London WC1.

Molte bene.


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