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Monday, November 10, 2008

Yes, m’lady?

Let me cut to the chase – our weekend was terrific.

And now let me cut a little deeper.

I am so-o-o tired.

Our chums from Wilton came to stay with us for the first time and we had plans to do this and plans to go there but naturally, the weather had other ideas. As it turned out, things weren’t spoilt at all and we managed to have plenty of fun and laughs just the same.

In no particular order, our weekend went something like this:

Go to shops to buy birthday presents, welcome chums, cook breakfast/brunch (très tasty), back to shops with chums, accompany Joseph to first of two birthday parties, arrive home, drink ale with chums, let off some fireworks and sparklers in garden (much to children’s delight), begin cooking, welcome neighbours who are also joining us for the evening, eat, drink more ale/Guinness/red wine/delete as appropriate, go to bed late, wake up early, church for Remembrance Day service, come home to tidied kitchen & dining room (thanks guys), out for amazing carvery lunch here (delicious beef and fantastic horseradish sauce), over to the second of the parties, home to ours for one more teensy ale with chums before saying cheery bye, put children to bed, sit down to snack on leftover red wine and food (bliss) and go to bed relatively early at 11pm but manage to wake up feeling shattered.

We’ll be going to stay with them in

' hope they don’t expect us to tidy up their kitchen??


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