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Thursday, November 06, 2008

“Was that the Italian boy Del?”

Yes, yes, ok, so I mis-judged the amount of traffic heading towards one of our local commons last night and yes, the fireworks had started before we actually got there but from the looks of it, half the population of SW London had also got their times out by a little.

As always, there was the general camaraderie as families made their way (on foot by now), towards the noise and the lights, the children once again aware that something special was happening by the mere fact that the sky was pitch black and they weren’t in bed!

Anyway, another whole year has passed since Annabel promised to be brave (but lost it on the first “bang”), but this year she did very well indeed. She asked for cotton wool to be put in her ears before we left home (which we duly inserted) and it wasn’t until halfway through the display that she noticed they had both fallen out.

She remedied this by sticking a finger in one ear and resting the other ear on her own shoulder. This way she could keep a tight grip on M’s hand.

Her little face was a picture though; “gritted teeth through fear” is how I think I’d describe it.

And it is to Annabel that the quote of the evening belongs (following a particularly loud bang) with her corker of:

“I wish my ears would be quiet”.

*tee hee*

Here are some pictures I took of the fireworks with the flash off and waving my arm around like a loon.

I think they're pretty darned special!

See more of my pic's using the My Flickr link on the right under my picture or click here.


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