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Thursday, October 30, 2008

“But …… which is better?”

Ah yes, the immediately recognisable catchphrase from Harry Hill’s TV Burp. Well, recognisable if you actually like the programme and, I must admit, I find Harry Hill very funny indeed.

Many would disagree, but frankly, I couldn’t care less; I like him!

Right then, inappropriately defensive start out of the way, on with the show!!

The comparison I was going to make was between Ikea and Lidl’s (calm down you in the posh seats, calm down). Let’s face it; they both have “great gadgets” and gizmo’s and both stores will undoubtedly have something you either need, or need but don’t yet know you need…

(everyone say need)

.. but the thing that never fails to amaze me is this; both stores have items that are incredibly priced, right? With these great prices in mind, you amble round adding more and more to your trolley, telling yourself, “ooh, look at that, and it’s only £3.99. I think I’ll take two of those (gasp), look at that – seven pounds only? Definitely getting one of those ….”, and so on.

Of course, by the time you get to the till, you’ve spent over a hundred pounds and then it doesn’t seem like such a bargain.

errr …. that’s all I wanted to say.


Ooh, by the way; we had porridge this morning ‘cos it was so cold and we had it with English honey and some of our homemade strawberry jam made by yours truly.

Bloody good it was too, although Joseph did ask, "why do you have to take pictures of everything Dad?"

"Errmm...... "


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