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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

$1.5 billion later ....

Aaaah, another day, another opportunity to hear someone in the public eye speak in a Q&A session.

The lucky winner this week?

None other than Justin Webb, the extremely well informed BBC correspondent based in the United States and boy, is he a busy chap!

Amazingly, even at this very late stage in the US election campaigns, he was able to make a brief visit to Bush House in London for several meetings and our seminar before whizzing back across the pond for the final countdown.

Today being the 4th; I thought now might be the right time to proffer respect to Mr Webb for imparting his thoughts into what has been happening over the past 18 months as well as some light hearted insights into the antics onboard an aeroplane filled with journalists, as well as one of the men vying for the position of Most Powerful Human Being On Planet Earth.

It was informed, insightful and, at times, funny.

If he mentioned the fact that his book is now on sale once, he mentioned it half a dozen times. In it, he explains why he thinks that the British view of America (often a fairly dim one), is wrong and that we should try to understand what makes them tick a little better before passing judgement.

So; who's it gonna be??

You can read Justin's thoughts here and buy his book here.


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