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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am the Man!

It is just possible that I may have moaned just a teensy bit in recent months that I don’t want to be a part of the rat race anymore.

No, that doesn’t mean I’d rather be dead, it just means that I want off the repetitive treadmill of the working week. Don’t misunderstand, I can’t afford not to work but I just feel I want to do something that can offer me a different looking week.

My week currently looks like this:

Get out of bed, get dressed.

7.20am – the four of us pile into the car

7.30am – drop kids off at breakfast club and M at tube station

7.45am – arrive back home, get undressed, change into bike ‘gear’ and leave home by 8am latest.

8.30am – arrive at work, get undressed and into ‘normal’ clothes.

6pm - get undressed, don bike gear and ride home.

6.30pm – arrive home, get undressed and into my clothes.

11.30pm (ish) – get undressed and into bed

Actually, thinking about it, maybe it’s not the job that’s been getting up my nose over the years. Maybe it’s more to do with the number of times I have to get dressed and undressed in the course of a day!

Having thought (and thought, and thought) about what I could do to change this “hamster in a cage” feeling and I came to the conclusion that a job back in education would be the best option. Clearly not the best option from a “get rich quick” perspective but one which would benefit my sanity in the long term and give me the maximum time with my children.

I mean, my 20’s seemed to go by fairly quickly. My 30’s absolutely disappeared. If my 40’s are going to go the same way then I at least want to be there!!!

With this in mind, I took the liberty of booking myself in for 2 (read them, TWO) interviews today and by the end of the day had been told they would be delighted to have me working with them in the new year, at a school not a million miles away from where we live.

I kid you not!!

"Delighted", the very word she used.

Ah well, “you’re only human”, I said.

Except I didn’t really.

I just said thank you very much.

Hey, the money ain’t great but I get to have breakfast with my children every morning and we get to come home together every afternoon.

Can you put a price on that?

Nah, didn’t think so.


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