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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes they have!

Well, America has spoken.

With a record turnout, Joe the Plumber (and millions of others like him who aren’t plumbers), have voted overwhelmingly to put the incredibly charismatic Senator Barack Obama into the White House.

In Chicago he gave his incredibly moving victory speech to a huge crowd and what a speech it was!!

I believe Obama’s chief speech writer is a man named Jon Favreau and he most definitely deserves a mention. When a speech makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up (for the duration), you know they got it just about perfect.

And to round it up with that piece about 106 year old Anne Nixon-Cooper was inspired.

If you have 17 minutes to spare, watch the speech in full here.

If you haven’t got 17 minutes to spare, then make time.

Question: I know appearances and looks shouldn’t be important, but has their ever been such an attractive and photogenic family as the Obama’s residing in the White House?

Answer: Nope.

Congratulations President Obama; the rest of the world is waiting to see what your next move will be.

And we are praying it’s a good one.


Blogger Jenni.mystery said...

I would have to say the Kennedy family was a beautiful compliment to the White House, but you're right. I love the contrast. : ) And America. Go America!

9:23 pm

Blogger Dad said...

I stand corrected Ms.mystery!

The difference is I have only ever seen pictures and grainy footage of the Kennedy's compared to HD images of the Obama family.

Anyway, looks, schmooks!

Let's hope this President is as good as his 'very eloquent and confident' words.

9:48 am


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