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Friday, October 31, 2008


Well, my threat last year of handing out toothbrushes to any child that knocked on our door threatening “trick or treat” was just that; a threat.

And a boring one at that!!

(In my defence, I’m not all that sure I was being serious when I wrote that).

Anyway, it is the 31st of October, it is Hallowe’en and the children have been talking about nothing else this week other than decorating the house and going out in the dark to threaten people at their own front doors for sweets and goodies.

Missy was much braver than last years outing and got through the entire evening without any major upset; a couple of near misses but she did very well. It was a bitterly cold evening but they both refused to admit to being cold and on we marched until, eventually, Annabel said that we should head home. Joseph agreed to this only because I think he was having trouble seeing in the dark just how many sweets he had in his skeleton sweetie collector and wanted to get stuck in (and get stuck in he did).

The nice thing is that even when the cold gets the better of you and you head home, there is still the fun part to look forward to of the local children all dressed up, having put varying degrees of effort into their costumes, from “tried very hard” to “couldn’t be bothered at all and I just want the sweets”, but Joseph and Annabel had a great time.

On our travels, they were given some plastic fangs and these were quickly put into their mouths every time the doorbell went, in order to meet scary head-on with scary.

I think we managed a very menacing looking pumpkin this year; well done us!


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