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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First impressions count

Well, Joseph has been enjoying his “camp” this week, so from a childs’ perspective it seems to be well worth it.

Let me just give you the view from where I’m standing though.

Day 1 – pick up goes smoothly (as I mentioned in post below). Dropping off however was not so smooth.

The sliding door of the minibus opens, the parents all squabble to see their children first (me included), I see Joseph who looks happy (phew) but the lady beside me can’t see both of her children. It turns out the headcount included a child who shouldn’t have been on that bus – the womans’ daughter was still back at camp.

Hmmm… ok.

Day 2 – waiting in the designated spot for collection, 8.30am comes and goes, 8.45am my ‘phone rings, “sorry, bus is running late”, 9am comes and goes, as does 9.15am before bus eventually arrives at 9.30am.

An hour late.

Okaaaay ……

Joseph comes home later that day and discusses his ‘healthy lunch’ (as described by the sales DVD and the brochure).

“Jam sandwiches and custard cream biscuits”, he cheerfully explains.

Me: “Jam sandwiches? Biscuits?

At £5 per day?”

Methinks not.

Off to a shaky start?

I think so.


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