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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mister Maker

Yesterday afternoon, I said to Joseph “let’s turn on the computer and find something to make!”

Without replying, he sprinted up the stairs ahead of me shouting “yeeeaaaahhh”, which was a fairly good indicator that my suggestion was a good ‘un.

We sat at the desk, pressed all the necessary buttons and the PC fired into life.

Joseph is an inquisitive sort and clever to boot, so I thought I would honour that with a bit of an explanation about computers and the internet.

Me: “Poops, you know we sometimes look at pictures on the computer?”

J: (Looking tired) “Yes”.

Me: “Well, sometimes we look at pictures which are actually ON the computer but sometimes, like now, we look at things that are on the internet”.

J: (looking at the screen)

Me: (loading up my blog front page) “Look – that’s a picture of me! What I’m doing is writing about being a Dad and one day ….”

J: (interrupting) “Yeah, yeah, can we get on with it, I want to make something”.

He said this while getting one of his hands to impersonate an out of water fish, flapping on the river bank, to further indicate his annoyance at the slight deviation from the original plan.

Okey doke, let’s forget that then!



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