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Thursday, August 07, 2008


And so, after nearly 3 years, Annabel too has “graduated” from nursery. Ok, she still has 4 weeks to go before she leaves but the official ceremony was yesterday.

Three years?

(Unbelievable that it’s nearly two years to the day that Joseph had
his ceremony)

Naturally, she looked as pretty as a picture in her dress and she wasn’t as embarrassed as I thought she would be, standing at the front of the stage while the children put on the little performances and sang the songs they had been practicing for (what seems like) months.

To round things up, the key worker for each child reads out a little summary of what that child is like and what they contribute to the group. What was said about Annabel made me proud. In summary, it said;

"Annabel came to me (the key worker) before she had turned three years old, making her by far the youngest in the room. She is very independent and can often be found in the home corner preparing meals to share with her friends".

Bless her heart!

'Home corner' is one of her favourite things and she loves to busy herself with tea parties for herself and her dollies, although she is very vocal in telling them off at times. If I had a criticism of the nursery as far as Annabel goes, the room that she is a part of does seem a bit …….. what’s the word …… a bit bossier in general than when Joseph was in there. Maybe it’s down to the fact that she is much younger. Perhaps her peers are a tougher bunch. Maybe it’s just her.

(I can’t hide my glee at the fact that the
fees for her nursery will very soon be coming to an end once and for all, which is nice) Let’s hope her last month there is a happy one.

Things are about to get very different for her!!


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