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Thursday, July 24, 2008

School’s been blown to pieces

Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder?

Yep, that’s right, school is O-U-T!

For 6 glorious weeks!

I’m not all that sure the gravity of 6 weeks break has sunk in yet but I know that Joseph enjoyed Day 1 of his summer break.

His maternal Grandmother took him to the cinema, then to his favourite restaurant, back to hers for fruit and ice cream and I collected him at 4pm.

As far as he was concerned when I collected him yesterday on the last day of term, it was just another regular school day finishing (and this was proved in the evening when I asked him if he had to wear his uniform as usual for today, to which he replied, “yes, I always have to wear a uniform”).

Summer holidays, ahh sweet memories, with one day blending into the next, hot sunshine (if we’re lucky), comic books, riding bikes, meeting up with friends, days out with Mum and Dad, scabby knees, late nights, ice poles, liquorice wheels, interesting bugs, sweaty hair, laughing for several hours a day, camping, swimming, running …… well, the list could go on.

Suffice it to say, school summer holidays are a blessing (when it’s you on holiday) and bloomin' difficult when you have to juggle your leave between the two of you to cover the entire holiday.

I think I’m having a “I’m going to play the lottery this week” moment! That’ll solve

Ooh, by the way, Joseph drew a picture for his teacher who retired yesterday and in line with how he is taught at school, he drew the whole thing himself and wrote the words as best he could without correction from us.

Not bad my son, not bad at all.

He drew himself giving his teacher some flowers.


Blogger Jenni.mystery said...

What a sweet boy. Good job, dad.

10:15 pm


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