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Sunday, July 20, 2008

They're under starters orders .....

Second year of school sports day for Joseph, second year of being in the yellow team and, ironically, second year running at being the winner of the “jump with a bean bag squeezed between your knees” race.

Altogether, Josephs’ track record for the day was two 1st places and two 2nd places.

These terrific efforts contributed to the yellow team winning the event outright although unfortunately I was outside the school checking my parking ticket hadn’t expired. I heard the cheer but of course missed the victory parade which was more than a little annoying.

What made me smile today was when one of the teacher gave an update of the scores. She started with the lowest score followed by the team to which it applied. Obviously, this meant she finished with the team who had the highest score. However, none of the children seemed to understand this and throughout the day, the cheers from the team who were mentioned first were just as loud as ever, not making the connection that being called out first meant that you were in last place; it still came as a surprise to them when other teams were in front!!


Oh, by the way, I would like to inform all aspiring athletes that the yellow team (aged between 5 and 7 years) won a comfortable victory without the need for taking any anabolic steroids whatsoever.

Lemme hear ya say "Doh!" Dwayne Chambers!


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