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Monday, July 14, 2008

“No-one’s lazy in Lazytown”

I have to admit to being a touch dubious about how this show, which is effectively little more than a puppet show, was going to translate to the big stage, but I have to say they did a mighty fine job.

When the lights dimmed and pink suited and pink haired Stephanie pranced out onto the stage, Annabel let out a squeal of delight and turned to squeeze M’s arm as hard as she could. This we interpreted as sheer, unadulterated excitement and this alone was worth the cost of the day out.

Similarly, when Sportacus cart wheeled out for the first time and got every child in the theatre standing, jogging and flexing their biceps in time to the music, Joseph was hooked.

Here, right in front of their eyes, were people from Lazytown, from the television leaping about on stage, telling them to get up and move!

Another very clever kiddies show on CBeebies, the digital television channel dedicated to toddlers and young children, courtesy of the BBC.

My personal favourite was Robbie Rotten. Anyone who can stick whole carrots in his ears to drown out sound is a winner in my book, bad guy or not.

As a (totally unrelated) bonus, I managed to catch this bee, bumbling around the flowers outside our friends’ house on Saturday.

Good eh?

Click for close up


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