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Friday, June 27, 2008

"Tell me, can you SEEEE the light!"

I remember our Dad taking us out in the car, the destination a secret, often so secret that we weren’t actually told we were going anywhere in particular; just “out” in the car.

Excitement would build as we got closer to somewhere familiar, usually the swimming baths at Surrey Quays or Laurie Grove, both in South East London, and that excitement would usually not be in vain.

The thing is, as my brother and I grew up, we (my mother included) would often chastise my Dad for not just telling us where it was he was taking us? Why not tell us, see how excited we were and then, when we got to the place, we’d be excited all over again? Buy one lot of thrills, get another one free!!

Well now I know.

Yesterday, after collecting Joseph from school, I told him we needed to take a short drive to see about getting a new tyre for the car (I know, I’m all about the rubber right now) and he was happy with this.

Half an hour later, this little job was done and we headed home.

Instead of thinking about our route, I made it nearly all the way home before turning to him in the car and saying, “hey, would you like to go to a shop to look at a new bicycle?”

Obviously, this required very little processing time on his part and he replied with an excited squeal.

(I think you can see where this going).

We sailed straight past our house, turned at the end of the street and, as we approached the important next turning, traffic stretched back for as far as the eye could see – literally!

“Ah, sorry my love, the traffic is terrible, we might have to leave it for another ti …..”

Without going into too much detail, I now understand why it was that my Dad would keep “treat destinations” a secret until the very last minute.

Rather a surprised and happy child than one having a fit and kicking your dashboard in!

Yes Siree bob!


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