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Friday, December 21, 2007

My thumbs have gone weird.

Forgot to mention that on Saturday we went to see a play at the Unicorn Theatre in Tooley street, more famous perhaps for being the location of the London Dungeons.

It’s a terrific theatre, opened by Sir Richard Attenborough in 2005, costing £13 million and built specifically for a young audience.

We watched a production of Handa’s Surprise, a book by Eileen Brown and was acted out by two actresses (who were excellent), with one as Handa and the other as the various animals who steals her fruit on her journey to see a friend.

A nice surprise was that the author herself was in the tiny audience (there were about 25 people including children sat around in a circle) and she signed copies of the book afterwards, none of which impressed the children all that much, sadly.

And who knows; perhaps the memory of this 30 minute adaptation of a popular book will lodge itself somewhere in their young psyche’s and instil a fondness for the performing arts as they grow up.

They might even become ac-tors.



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