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Monday, December 17, 2007

“There’s a star for you .... up .... there”

Ah yes, that wonderful time of year when parent’s filter nervously into the school hall to watch their children act out the nativity. I mentioned that Joseph was slightly irked that he wasn’t going to be Joseph (if you see what I mean) but as it turns out, he had more to do than the actual role of Joseph.

He was a star – literally. He was dressed as a singing, shooting star but he also played an instrument.

What can I say that you probably don’t already know (as a parent)? As soon as you see your child, you swell with pride. As soon as they open their mouth to sing, you want to burst into tears.

The very professional production opened with a song about each of us having a star “up there” (in the night sly) and their singing and pointing in unison was the “bit wot done me in”.

There was a slight wobble when Joseph stood up to stand at the front of the stage and he couldn’t find his hitting stick and his face fell for a moment before someone passed him another one.

The concentration on his face also tugged at my heart strings good and hard, making sure he kept tempo, looking up to ensure he was in time with his partner on the blocks and an occasional stolen peek up at M and me to make sure we were still there and still watching.

All in all, it lasted half an hour but it wasn’t a bum-clenching half hour. It was terrific, a great effort by all the staff and once again, it showed me how amazing children’s memories are.

We were told that they had been learning the songs for less than a month and there were about 8 songs and actions to go with the songs.

After he had finished, we had a mad dash to see Annabel’s (slightly less impressive) interpretation of the nativity which, for her age group, consisted of a rushed rendition of Jingle bells; that was it!

I must say however, that at last year’s Christmas concert, the curtain went back and Annabel spotted us within 2 seconds and promptly burst into tears. This year she stood and sang the whole song before they were all released.

A genuinely funny entertainer followed before deep fried, greasy snacks were offered, then home to bed.

I probably don’t need to tell you how busy our weekend was, being this close to Christmas.

Yours too eh?

As Scrooge would say, “this time in two weeks, it’ll all be over”.


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