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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Forgot to mention Annabel yesterday.

As you might recall, she proudly stated that she would be watching the fireworks this year after being terrified the previous year.

And then bellowed when they lit the fuse!

In a similar vein, she had been looking forward to seeing Santa in his grotto at the school Christmas fair.


It was fairly obvious pretty quickly that she wasn’t about to sit on a stranger dressed all in red with an ill fitting white beard any time soon.

Cue much shrieking into my ear.

Took her away from the festivities before remembering to duck back and look at Joseph in “the chair”.

As always, he was sat there with the Man in Red, the man responsible for supposedly bringing all his presents this year and once again this week, my heart squeezed slightly at what I saw.

Joseph, avoiding eye contact and twiddling on his fingers and the decorations, biting his lip in a mix of embarrassment and uncertainty.

No sooner had I stooped to look in however, did Annabel let out another wail.

"Ok, ok, we’re going ……."


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