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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ding dong, merrily on high

Well, if I thought we put our Christmas tree up early last year on the 4th, eat your heart out, up it went on Saturday afternoon and it looks terrific.

Apart from spending an hour on Saturday afternoon in a queue waiting to collect an undelivered letter, we spent pretty much the entire weekend indoors, decorating the house, eating delicious grub (this is not just food, this is M and S food), with winter ales aplenty and the odd glass of warming red rioja.

It could’ve been so different too.

Saturday first thing, I took my bike (from the title of this blog fame), for an MOT and it failed on a rather non-existent front brake but …….

Hang on, hang on, did you say MOT? Do you mean this bike of yours in the title of these pages is a motorbike?

Not a bicycle?

Of all the ……

Yes, yes, I must admit finally that my bike is indeed of the motorised variety.

Over a year ago I received a comment from someone who congratulated me on my earth friendly green attitude to transport and I must confess that I didn’t exactly point out that it had an engine.

I didn’t say it was a bicycle; I just didn’t explain all.

How naughty.

After queuing as mentioned, our letter was of the recall variety, saying our new-ish car might have a serious fault with it and should be returned asap.

Just great.

Thankfully, my cheery outlook on life allowed me to come sailing through with nothing more than my smile at a slightly more jaunty angle than usual.

M was amazed.

So was I if the truth be told.

Don’t you love the Christmas season?


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