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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tally ho, pip pip, what!

Joseph’s report from his teacher was positively glowing for Thursday and Friday following his telling off on Wednesday.

Good lad Poops.

Today was his school’s Christmas 'bazaar' and it was a busy affair with lots to see and do. Joseph had emptied his piggy bank into his wallet, which contained just over £4 and he intended to spend, spend, spend.

One of the highlights for me was when he found this “flick football” game, which was actually pretty neat. We asked how much, were told it was 75p and we rummaged through his change.

We handed over a shiny £1 coin, Joseph looking at me closely, trusting me with his cash. He followed the transition of the coin from me to the young girl helping on the stall and, as she turned away to get his change, Joseph too turned to me, thinking the transaction was over.

“Don’t forget your change” said the girl, handing it down to him.

Well, his face lit up as he held out his hand for his 25p change.

“TWO coins?” he gasped, beaming all over his chops! “TWO coins Dad??”

I laughed out loud, not bothering to explain that the two silver coins were worth less than the single golden one he had parted with.

That little disappointment can wait for another day.

Another new one in our house is Annabel’s new favourite word.

“Oh gosh”, she announces at every opportunity, or just plain “gosh”.

This is funny whether she uses it appropriately or not, as well as the fact that she adopts a very posh accent to say it in.



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