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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Man with the Midas touch

Tuesday Number Two spent with Joseph and we decided to go on a Thomas (train) into town and some Underground Ernie’s (tube) in order to get to the Bank of England Museum, which was I thought was terrific and Joseph agreed.

Entrance was free, they are totally geared towards having young visitors and also dish out great little memento’s and prizes for some basic observations around the museum.

I would say the highlight was the real bar of gold which is housed in a sturdy Perspex box, with sensors either side of it and a rather surly looking gentleman watching over proceedings.

The box has a small, circular hole in the side to allow you to feel the gold as well as attempt to lift it.

All 13kgs of it!

An interactive safe which you have to “crack”, worksheets which are actually fun and, as mentioned, prizes for completing the above such as stick pins featuring bank notes and fridge magnets.

We saw St. Paul’s Cathedral, went for lunch in Soho and he had a haircut at my barber’s, making him look not only younger (than his nearly 5 years), but also even more handsome.

If that were possible!

Hurrah – day’s off ROCK!


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