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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

E noho rä

For those of you who feel inclined to check back here occasionally, you will know that I dabble in a wee bit of straightforward poetry. Nothing fancy or surreal of course; just enough to get my point across.

Unbelievably, Joseph is about to finish his nursery year at his school where he will start reception in September.

The following are a few words as a thank you to his fantastic teacher.


I just cannot believe that a year can go so quickly
And that I’ve finished nursery, I think I feel a little sickly
‘Cos Dad says it’s downhill from here, and where the real work starts.
Not to mention that you’re leaving us and breaking all our hearts.

It was all a fair bit daunting walking through your door last year
Although you’d take good care of us, that quickly became clear
My Mum and Dad just worried, I guess like all parents do
Even though I’d said, “don’t worry”, I had put my faith in you.

And what a year I’ve had, something different every day
I’ve had a total riot, all this “learning through my play”
Painting, sticking, gluing, reading, running, oh what fun.
On behalf of all my classmates, we think you’re really Number One!

I must mention your helpers Miss Collins and Mrs Knight
As far as teamwork goes I think you really hit it right
I’m only disappointed you won’t be teaching my young sis’
You’ll be gone before she comes here; she just won’t know what she’s missed

So bon voyage, auf weidersehen, I just hope it’s not goodbye
I know New Zealand’s far away but I’m really willing to try
To sample ‘antipodean life’, Dad hears it’s quite laid back
Please leave your contact details (is it off the beaten track?)

So I leave you now with just one thought, I think you are terrific
Good luck in your new adventures, heading off now, trans-pacific
I’m sure the school will miss you; I think that’s plain to see
But I don’t believe that they will miss you quite as much as me

If this is what school life is like, then sign me up for more
I can’t wait ‘till reception; I’ll be banging on their door

So long then smashing teacher (is it true your name’s Petrea?)
Don’t worry; I’ll remember you, every evening in my prayer




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