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Monday, July 09, 2007


I will cut to the chase. Our Saturday was lovely.

We spent the afternoon at my parents, playing in their 'not-inconsiderable' garden and my clever Dad had put up a proper tree swing. Not from the branch of a silly 6 foot tree either, but from a branch of the giant cherry tree at the bottom of the garden. The rope must have been 25 foot long so you can imagine the fun both children, Joseph in particular, had swinging on it.

On our way home, I received a most pleasing ‘phone call from my brother, saying that he “has an interesting offer for me” and to call him when I got indoors.

Naturally I drove faster than I normally would and called him straight away.

The reason I drove home dangerously quickly, is because he had been at Silverstone race track since Friday evening and I hoped it would have something to do with that.

It did.

My brother’s mate Terry wondered if I wanted a free pass for the day, including a VIP pass to one of the corporate hospitality areas and more ice cream than you could shake a Cadbury’s flake at?

I said I would think about it.

After having thought about it for three 1/100ths of a second, I replied slightly too eagerly that yes, I would indeed like a free pass and all the trimmings.

So I went.

Left home at 7.30 Sunday morning, a beautiful drive up to the borders of Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire and, after a few worrying moments where I thought my pass wasn’t going to materialise, I was in.

My first ever Grand Prix and there I was, at Silverstone, all for gratis, free and totally for nothing!

Stood at Beckett’s Corner behind a crowd twenty or so deep, my brother and I had the brainwave of taking a large pub garden style bench and relocating it just behind the crowds and there we spent the entire race, head and shoulders above everyone else.


The race, sunshine, ice cream, steak sandwiches, burgers, 3 hour drive home just in time for the children’s baths.

Now that’s what I call a day out with a difference. Wouldn’t want to have too many weekend days away from ma famille but a once in a lifetime opportunity like that?

Terry asked me to come for the whole 3 day event next year to which sounds awesome.

Cheers Tezza. Sign me up.

To quote his own phrase, “what could possibly go wrong?”


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